Organisation of MISMaP studies

The MISMaP College admits students to full-time studies for both first (undergraduate) and second (postgraduate) degrees. In addition, candidates qualified for studies in Psychology may also pursue a unified five-year Master’s program.

The candidates qualified for second-degree studies must meet the requirements of the faculty providing their major field of studies.

Eight faculties participate in the MISMaP College:

  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Philosophy and Sociology
  • Geography and Regional Studies,
  • Geology,
  • Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics
  • Psychology.

MISMaP College students are offered studies in 17 different fields:

  • Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental protection,
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics, Informatics,
  • Physics, Astronomy,
  • Psychology,
  • Geography, Spatial management,
  • Geology, Applied Geology,
  • Bioethics, Cognitivistics, Philosophy, Sociology

Each new MISMaP student is assigned a tutor: a Professor or an Assistant Professor representing the field of studies closest to the student’s interests. Together with their tutors, the students create individual programmes of study (IPS) which contain courses conducted at least in two of the fields available at faculties participating in the MISMaP College.

The programmes of study in the MISMaP College are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS is a credit system in which every course is attributed a number of credits. The courses completed in a single academic year must be worth a total of 60 ECTS credits. Each first-degree student has to collect at least 180 credits.

Second-degree students are obliged to gain at least 120 credits. At least 2/3 of these credits should be gained from courses in the major field of studies. In addition, there are some further MISMaP College programme requirements that must be fulfilled before the professional degree of Bachelor or Master can be awarded in the chosen field of studies.

MISMaP students take part in the European Union Erasmus program, which enables them to collect credits at foreign universities. They also participate in the MOST program, which offers them the opportunity to collect credits at other Polish universities. While at MISMaP, students not only obtain credits for their course, but can also initiate research that frequently becomes fundamental for their future diploma dissertations.

After collecting the necessary course credits, submitting their BSc or MSc theses and passing their diploma exams, MISMaP students receive a BSc or MSc diploma in a specified field of study with the indication that the studies were conducted within the MISMaP College. Graduates may obtain Batchelor’s or Master’s degrees in one or more fields of study offered at faculties affiliated to MISMaP.