Individual studies are more exciting and more complex than traditional studies and allow students a wider scope of education than studying a single field. They also represent an opportunity to build more direct contacts with University scholars, even at the initial stages of the academic career. They require, however, that students be self-sufficient, better organised, active and responsible. MISMaP studies can be recommended to students who have difficulties deciding their field of studies and for those with well-defined academic and research interests. An ideal MISMaP College candidate is a person with comprehensive interests in Mathematics and Natural Science.

High school graduates from all regions of Poland and from abroad apply every year for the admission to MISMaP. Recently, there have been an average number of five candidates for each available place.

Candidates applying to MISMaP indicate their preferred major field of studies by listing three options. The most frequent choices are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or Psychology. The major field of interest may be changed in the course of studies.

Admission procedures are determined by the University of Warsaw Admission Commission. The qualification process takes into account the results obtained in the extended Matura exam in two out of six science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography or Mathematics. Candidates choosing to major in Mathematics are obligated to take Mathematics as one of their two extended Matura exams. Candidates choosing to major in Informatics are obliged to take Mathematics or Informatics as one of their two extended Matura exams. Candidates are subject to the requirements of the University of Warsaw Candidate Registration for the first year of studies.